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A professionally organized occasion for a bedazzling and exquisite activation. A sumptuous beginning is the preface to a prosperous business and the execution of these beginnings is something our Aitess Networks event management team takes immense pleasure in arranging.

Remarkable Ideation

Minutely crafted plans for a marvelous performance and an eminent activation.

Flawless Execution

Perfect execution to ensure a flamboyant activation with zero mishaps.

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Curating a soul for aesthetic activation.

Aitess Networks Private Limited Organizing and executing opportune activations with the detailed, product specific arrangements has led us to delivering splendid activations that have imprinted glorious brand images.

Mall activations are immensely successful as they provide colossal exposure to the preferred group of audiences naturally. Target audience of every age group is easily accessible in malls as they are always cluttered by masses for personal reasons. As such, utilizing this opportunity for promotional purposes is something that every brand has taken a liking to.

Our skilled crew has carried out hundreds of creative mall activations by peculiarly designing the frameworks for displaying your brand offerings. We plan our brand displays to be robust, classy and novel.

RWAs (Resident Welfare Association) activities are a great medium to reach the customers and lead generation by directly exposing your brand to the preferred target audience. For getting the right type of attraction from the correct audience profile, for converting prospects into definite clients can be done by targeting the right societies and residential areas and of course, with an over-the-top activation set up.

With our connections, impactful creations and hospitable services, we come up with many innovative RWA activations which prove to be satisfactory and entertaining for both, our clients as well as the audience.

From minimalistic and appealing to extravagantly impactful, in shop promotions are a definite way of increasing your sales and expanding your profit margin. These promotions are setups within shops and retail stores and often work as a direct communication with the customers and prospects. As such, they need to be to the point and catchy. We excel in providing all kinds of in-shop promotions that are classy, modern and appeasing such as selling points, brand promotions and attractions to lure the customers.

If the demographic segmentation of your target audience includes children and teenagers or essentially school going children, then School contact programs are the most effective way of influencing their minds and imprinting your brand image. School contact programs serve as a direct communication medium where you can reach out to kids and allure them with your product or service offerings.

At Aitess networks, we provide the most efficient and effective school contact programs deliberately constructed to appease the students with zero blunders. These events are often hectic because the target profile itself consists of young and overenthusiastic minds. However, with our great volunteering team, streamlined plan of actions and flawless event organization, we ensure that our programs are well carried out and effective.

Similar to school contact programs, college contact programs are also a direct way of communicating with a fraction of your demographic lead generation. Here, grand events are held in college campuses using artistic backdrops, innovative frameworks and efficient mannerism.

We specialise in providing all services relating to such events from ideation to organizing and implementation of plans and reaching the end result i.e., the flawless performance of the event itself.

One of the best ways to attract undivided attention of masses and reaching them on a personal level are van activations. These are highly effective because they are logistically crafted to portray your brand campaign’s message to the prospectors. If not lead generation, then road shows definitely help in generating brand awareness and recognition.

Aitess Networks specialises is dynamic road shows that are capable of imprinting your brand image in the minds of your viewers. Road shows provide a vast exposure for your brand and doing it right can help you in expanding your business efficiently. Our team deliberately designs these events to be as ostentatious as possible for a grand impact and positive reviews.

Aitess Networks is known for creating highly systematic, exuberant and vibrant commercial space activations. These events are an opportunity to form a body with your customer profile directly and connect with them on a personal level.

These events need to be professionally upscale and yet amicable for making the right impression on the attendees. Our team achieves this with fine planning, execution and extraordinary ornamentation and frameworks.

With our wide spread network of connections and exemplary management tactics, we conduct the most efficient and fluent product samplings. Reaching out to your prospects for samplings in a seemingly unimposing manner is what leads to our successfully achieved product samplings.

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Other Services

A perfectly carried out event is every brand’s fantasy and our passion lies in the actualization of that fantasy. With a well forged understanding of the industry through on-field experience, our team sees through the haze of your expectations and realizes your dream projects. For reflecting the stupendous image of events in your mind, we have come up with a varied range of services.


Events need to be like an affluent river, with a great beginning, steady performance and an even grand concluding


When despite the decorations, your services and products steal the limelight, only then is an exhibition pertinent in its true sense.


Activations are immensely successful as they provide colossal exposure to the preferred group of audiences naturally.


At Aitess, we excel in 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional creative designing and composing minutely sketched animated frameworks for better planning and display.


we provide 360 degree marketing solutions. Virtual reality and designing has not been left behind from our list of calibre.


Our virtual designing and construction team excels in catering all kinds of virtual designs and marketing tactics. like webinars, web conferences and many more

Unique Installation

When despite the decorations, your services and products steal the limelight, only then is an exhibition pertinent in its true sense.


Aitess Networks’ creative retail branding services are more than a flashy display of products for promotion.

Digital Marketing

We carry out a melange of creative designing and digital marketing including SMM, direct marketing mailers and many more.


So, contact now and let’s work on YOUR bright event over a cup of coffee.